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21 December 2009 @ 11:32 pm
Mod Post : Rules (Please Read)  
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We all want to have fun and all but some playground rules need to be set.
So if you don't read this, don't get in a fit when something happens and you have no idea what.
If you are in need of help our email is Tunen2im [at ] Yahoo [ dot ] com

Things that can be submitted as articles:
  • Musical Artist's Profile ( Not limited to any country for example: Namie Amuro From Japan)
  • News about Musical Artists such as; information, release dates, concerts, new photos* interview translated to English, etc)
  • Song covers, original  songs etc. done by you or some one else. ( includes; singing, dancing, rapping, beat-boxing, instrument playing, etc
  • Fan Art done by yourself  ( for example a drawing of a band, or a song interpretation )
* As far as sharing pictures make sure that it is not HOT-LINKED just try uploading somewhere like Tinypic or photobucket.com

* When you have a photoset or 1 photo is larger than 500 pixels please use a LJ_cut. Also cut long articles that  are more than 3 paragraphs long. If you want us to play guessing games. LJ cuts are useful, lol. Remember if the photo is of questionable content please use your livejournal manners and cut the article.

1. Warnings

    You get a warning if you:

        - look like you're bullying or ganging up on a member
        - display trollish behavior (despite not being an actual troll)
        - delete comments by other users in a post that you made
        - personally attack another user*

If you really need to settle things out with another  user, I suggest you contact me or any of the other mods. And we will host a cage-fight  for you all and make sure to sell tickets.

1. Insulting them because of their race/sexuality/culture/beliefs
2. Taking stuff from their personal journal to use against them in the community as a form of embarrassment/payback
3. Please know the difference between harassing and simple teasing. If tbossidl comments that crypticbluerose only cares about Doo Joon of Beast, Why in the Hades does she not post shyt else, but stuff about him?<-- that could just be that they both love each other and they like teasing about biases. :)

After 2 warning our lovely, sexy and kindban_fairy  gets in a hissy fit and You won't like her when she's angry.

2. Ban_set

    You get banned if you:

        - get a third warning
        - just being a straight up trick
        - Ban_Fairy is apparently racist against Trolls

3. What are Trolls? users who;

        - spam the community with non-music related things.
        - people outright insulting every artist and thing that comes across this community
        - post a ridiculous amount of stupid comments including gif spamming, and videos

4. If you want us to see your talents; ie singing, dancing, instrument playing, rapping, beat-boxing, (all at the same time) jk Make a post and we'll take care of the trolls. Just don't become one.

- Constructive criticism is welcome,  needless insults are not
- If you post an article and no one or not many people comment or respond, do not re-submit the article, or it will be denied. Maybe you could kindly suggest to other folks to read it?
- Like we said out Miss ban_fairy  is also a bigot toward trolls, sorry
- However the ban_fairy  is a bit lazy and she doesn't have time to be a referee or a counselor, you know, nails to do, dates to go on... so she gives you 2 licks and you're out of there.

Don't let fear of criticism or douche-bags keep you from being free to share your talent with us, or writing articles about the artist you love. We'll do what we can to protect you, but you need to have a "thick skin" and be able to handle the internet. Never take crap too seriously.

Okay thanks for listening Luvs.
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