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04 January 2010 @ 06:52 pm
Hello from the TuneNI2IM team,

We are looking for recruits. We want people in specific areas. But, you are more than welcome to help us in any of the things we are signed up to. To be able to join our TuneN2IM team, you will be on a probation for two weeks. After two weeks up, we will decide if we want you to be part of our TuneN2IM team.

What you have to do?

1. You have to have a LiveJournal account.
2. Post articles up on our LiveJournal account during your probation period. How many articles you have to put up? It is up to you. Make sure you credit properly. And, then we will approve your articles, so they can be posted on our LiveJournal. Examples of how we do our articles, is to look at our main site.-
Tunen2IM's Site

So, if we say yes, you are on the TuneN2IM team, I would like you to pick one of the followings to do. (You can help do main articles too, if you want on our main site. It's just that we also need help in other things that we are signed up to.)-

Forum- If, you can help in layout design that would be nice, but not required. Create artists and groups topics. Any music videos you or someone puts up or music videos you link or someone else link, please sign into our Youtube account, and put it in the right country playlist. Go through all the topics made once in awhile, and make sure the music videos work. If, not replace them. Then, make sure you sign into Youtube, and delete the one that does not work anymore. And, stick the one that works in the right country playlist.

Myspace- If, you can help in layout design that would be nice, but not required. Buddy people. Anybody. When you add them as a friend or they want to add us as a friend, as soon as Myspace approves it, go on their profile and either thank them for adding us or thank them for wanting to be our friend. Include one song of the Artist of the Month or Group of the Month on the playlist. Updates that I want people to know about, I will tell you, and then I expect you to message everyone that is our friend on Myspace whatever update it is I want them to know. If, our Interviewee of the month has a Myspace, add them as a friend.

Facebook- Articles that we put up, update in the status box. Keep the fan page up-to-date. Add friends. If, any of our Interviewee's have a FaceBook, add them into our favorite page section. Also, any updates I want people to know about that involves participation put in our events section.
Facebook Fan Page

CrunchyRoll- Any updates that I want people to know about, I will let you know, and I expect you to put them on the wall. Add friends.

Blimp.fm- Be the dj, and post as many songs as you can because it is hooked up to our Twitter account. Add people.

tumblr- Post whatever you want music related wise. Add people.

Youtube- Subscribing and friend people on Youtube. Favorite videos and stick them in the correct country playlist. If, we have interviewee's that has a Youtube account make sure you subscribe and favorite them.
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22 December 2009 @ 03:47 am
Feel free to introduce your self to the other members of this group. You may treat this as a friending meme.

Start with -- > copy in to comments
<b>Music always blasting:</b>
<b>What's your favorite:</b>
<b>Do your own stuff?:</b>
<b>Your journal. What is in it?:</b>
<b>Public or FO?:</b>
<b>Anything else?:</b>


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21 December 2009 @ 11:32 pm
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We all want to have fun and all but some playground rules need to be set.
So if you don't read this, don't get in a fit when something happens and you have no idea what.
If you are in need of help our email is Tunen2im [at ] Yahoo [ dot ] com

Things that can be submitted as articles:
  • Musical Artist's Profile ( Not limited to any country for example: Namie Amuro From Japan)
  • News about Musical Artists such as; information, release dates, concerts, new photos* interview translated to English, etc)
  • Song covers, original  songs etc. done by you or some one else. ( includes; singing, dancing, rapping, beat-boxing, instrument playing, etc
  • Fan Art done by yourself  ( for example a drawing of a band, or a song interpretation )
* As far as sharing pictures make sure that it is not HOT-LINKED just try uploading somewhere like Tinypic or photobucket.com

* When you have a photoset or 1 photo is larger than 500 pixels please use a LJ_cut. Also cut long articles that  are more than 3 paragraphs long. If you want us to play guessing games. LJ cuts are useful, lol. Remember if the photo is of questionable content please use your livejournal manners and cut the article.

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16 December 2009 @ 05:14 pm
coming soon :)